2015 Contest Results
78th Annual Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival


Festival Scarecrow Contest Winners

Big Ditch Design Works

Bumble Bee Blossom (Darci Martell Jewelry) & Melissa's Garden (Jams)

Jan Dungan - Art

Baking, Canning, Ice Cream Competition

Ice Cream Makers Delight

1st-Shelly Howell- Raspberry Choco Crunch
2nd-Connie Mooney-Chocolate Caramel Crunch
3rd-Connie Mooney-Berry Cherry Chip

Canning- Sweet

1st-Rosemary Krug-Mulberry Jam
2nd-Linda Woodworth-Ellen & Frank Bavaro's Pomegranate Jelly
3rd-Amanda C, Tyler-Vanilla Fig Jam

Harvest Gone Wild

1st-Michelle Black-Sugared Pecans
2nd-Diana Wilson-Peanut Butter & Jelly "Sandwiches"
3rd-Peggy Heasley-Pumpkin Bread Cake

Autumn Breads

1st-Patty Popovich-Fall Pumpkin Bread
2nd-Michelle Black-Pear Bread
3rd-Diana Wilson-Apple Bread

1st-Janet Knollenberg-Spicy Dilled Pickles

Harvest Festival Button Winner

Winning Ticket # is 648044

HomeGrown Fruits and Veggies Competition

Best of Show: Melissa Meek (Carrot)

Kathy Yamada Memorial Award: Vivian Krug Cotton (Oranges)

1st Place: Vivian Krug Cotton (Lemons)

2nd Place: Amado Barroso (Pumpkin)

3rd Place: Lily Meek (Carrot)

Spelling Bee

Second Grade:
First Place
- Ava Loomis - 2nd Grade - Branch School
Second Place - Madelyn Johnson - 2nd Grade - Branch School

Third & Fourth Grades:
First Place
- Nyjah Anaya - 4th Grade - Harloe
Second Place - Andrew Ghannadian - 4th Grade - St Louis De Monfront School

Fifth & Sixth Grades:
First Place
- Ella Hagen - 6th Grade - Bellevue Santa Fe Charter School
Second Place - Garrett Leighton - 6th Grade - Coastal Christian School

Seventh & Eighth Grades:
First Place
- Sage Young - 8th Grade - Paulding Middle School
Second Place - Julliett Villa - 8th Grade - Paulding Middle School

Whiskerino Contest

Gabe Sweeney from Pismo Beach Overall Winner

Big Ditch Derby Results

1st place

Dylan Cramer #11cfl

Certified Freight Logistics

2nd place

Fayth Holley #85

Heritage Oaks Bank

3rd Place

Levi Childers #11

C&W Racing

Pie Eating Contest

Garrett - first place

Cody - second place

Community Scarecrow Contest Winners

Theme Category: 1st Place went to Brisco's Hardware, Mill & Lumber
2nd Place went to Riley & Riley Insurance
3rd Place went to Coast National Bank

Humor Category: 1st Place went to Arani Salon & Day Spa
2nd Place went to EC Loomis Insurance
3rd Place went to Arroyo Grande Care Center

Creativity Category: 1st Place went to Rontal Hair Salon
2nd Place went to Posies in The Village
3rd Place went to Salon 132

Diaper Derby Results

Crawling 6 – 12 months Girls
1st Place Kinsley Nerelli (17 months)
2nd Place Amelia Bendixen (11 months)
3rd Place Hailey Ramirez (9 months)
4th Place Ava Magdaleno (12 months)
5th Place Iris Enriquez (11 months)
6th Place Abygail Kirkendoll (9 months)

Crawling 6 – 12 months Boys
1st Place Royce Beck ( 10 months)
2nd Place Malakai Buchan (9 months)
3rd Place Braydon (10 months)
4th Place Zack Villarreal (10 months)
5th Place Canyon Christensen (11 months)

Toddling 8 – 14 months Girls
1st Place Riley Marshall (12 months)
2nd Place Ella Rose Murphy(10 months)

Toddling 8 – 14 months Boys
1st Place Luke Jackson (11 months)
2nd Place Alton Cuneo (14 months)
3rd Place CJ Gerber (15 months)
4th Place Benjamin Watts ( 14 months)
5th Place Grantland Ledgerwood ( 13 months)

Toddling 15 – 19 months Girls
1st Place Madelyn Ellison (16months)

Toddling 15 – 19 months Boys
1st Place Caleb Ellison (15 months)

Toddling 20 –24 months Girls
1st Place Charlotte Z (24 months)

Toddling 20 –24 months Boys
1st Place Duke Cabreana (23 months)
2nd Place Charlie Beene (24 months)

Racing 25 –30 months Girls
1st Place Kylie Marshall (30 months)
2nd Place Heidi Hendrickson (25 months)
3rd Place Penny Gedraitis (25 months)
4th Place Dariana Villanvera (25 months)

Racing 25 –30 months Boys
1st Place Brantley Simas (25 months)
2nd Place Cruze Leon (27 months)
3rd Place Noah Von Bogelen (29 months)

Racing 31 –36 months Girls
1st Place Luna Boege (32 months)

Racing 31 –36 months Boys
1st Place Ian Johnson (35 months)



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