Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival

Contest Results! 2013!

Contest Results (in no particular order!)

Winning Harvest Festival Button Number

191219  If you have this number email us at

Pie Eating Contest Winners

First Heat Winner: Omar Gomez

Second Heat Winner: Adam McCoid

Third Heat Winner: Bailee Curson

Fourth Heat Winner: Christina Hernandez

Fifth Heat Winner: Mike Hevben

Sixth Heat Winner: Angella Burns


First Place: Omar Gomez

Second Place: Angella Burns

Third Place: Baylee Carson

Mayor’s Goat Milking Contest

1st Place: Mayor Tony Ferrara, Arroyo Grande

2nd Place: Mayor Debbie Peterson, Grover Beach

3rd Place: Mayor Shelly Higginbotham, Pismo Beach

Grape Stomp

Jim Hogeboom, Superintendent Lucia Mar Unified School District

Costume Contest

Vivian Krug - 1st Victorian (F)

Devin Ward - 1st Victorian (M)

Lisa Wilkerson - 1st Old Timey (F)

Kathleen Sullivan - 2nd Old Timey (F)

Darlene Mack - 1st Western (F)

Sean Owen - 1st Western (M)

Baking, Canning, Pie, Bread, Cake & Ice Cream Contest

     Over 100 entries in this year's competition!!

Ice Cream Makers Delight

1st Place Michael McFarland

2nd Place Melissa Meek

3rd Place Ryan Foster

Central Coast Cake Classic

1st & 2nd Place Melissa Meek

3rd Place Gina Phillips

Pumpkin Bread

1st Place Betty Willetts

2nd Place Ann Stamets

3rd Place Kathy Yamada

Zuccini Bread

1st Place Linda Lopez

2nd & 3rd Place Ann Stamets

Apple Pie Exhibition

1st Place Annette Fesler

2nd Place Nicole Raftery

3rd Place Fran Taillon

Harvest Gone Wild

1st Place Kathy Yamada

2nd Place Hitashi Yamada

3rd Place Vivian Krug

Autumn Pie Review

1st Place Nicole Raftery

2nd Place Hitashi Yamada

3rd Place Nicole Raftery

Country Canning

1st Place Fran Taillon

2nd Place Hitashi Yamada

3rd Place Brittany Bresbach

Spelling Bee

3-4 grade:

1st: Jonah Schenberg

2nd: Garrett Leighton

3rd: Erin Lyn Vernon

5-6 grade:

1st: Jeremiah Ferrente

2nd: Guivere Dechane

3rd: Tyler Armstrong

7-8 grade:

1st: Cassie Mattina

2nd: Xyenna Ausan

3rd: Makenna Steve

Wiener Dog Race

     The oldest was Weenie at age 18 from Paso.
     The dogs that traveled furthest was from Lemoore
     and one from Hanford!

Want to Be winners:

Porter – 1st place. Atascadero Pug

Roo – 2nd place. San Luis Chihuahua mix

Taz – 3rd place. Atascadero Chiwienie

Wieners – Purebred under 7 years old:

Chase – 1st place. Atascadero

Sophie – 2nd place. Grover Beach

Zelda – 3rd place. San Luis

Wieners – Purebred over 7 years old:

Sasha – 1st place Paso Robles

Obie – 2nd place Cambria

Tiny Tim – 3rd place Santa


Homegrown Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Contest

Toshi and Kathy Yamada of Arroyo Grande


Big Ditch Derby

1st Place Driver :
Caleb Cajas car # 120 Owner Golden State Sealing & Striping

2nd Place Driver :
Aleena Ausan car # 2 owner Tenacious 2

3rd Place Driver :
Fayth Holley car # 7 Owner Mission Community Bank

Salsa Competition

#3 Tanner Jacks First Place

#9 Jaffa Cafι -Second Place

#6 Rudy & Angies - Third Place


Diaper Derby

Crawling 6 – 12 months Girls
1st Place Isabell Winkelpleck 12 mo
2nd Place Samantha Kier 7 mo

Crawling 6 – 12 months Boys
1st Place David Halsell 8 mo
2nd Place Holden Prentice 8 mo

Toddling 8 – 14 months Girls
1st Place Dottie Fastlaben 14 mo
2nd Place Olivia Hopkins 6 mo

Toddling 8 – 14 months Boys
1st Place Jack Beene 13 mo

Toddling 15 – 19 months Girls
1st Place Kinsey Bainbridge 15 mo
2nd Place Brittan Cecchi 17 mo
3rd Place Fiona Friesen 17 mo
4th Place Melanie Cantu 17 mo

Toddling 15 – 19 months Boys
1st Place Owen Vaught 17 mo
2nd Place Jack Okui 19 mo
3rd Place Declan Schmidt 19 mo
4th Place Cohen Hall 19 mo

Toddling 20 –24 months Girls
1st Place Cora Loomis 22 mo

Toddling 20 –24 months Boys
1st Place Kane Marshall 22 mo
2nd Place Logan Raftery 22 mo
3rd Place Bobby Shah 20 mo
4th Place Tomio Butler-Kawamura 22 mo
5th Place Jordan Rivera 20 mo

Racing 25 –30 months Girls
1st Place Ariana Beaudon 30 mo
2nd Place Aria Rose Garacci 26 mo
3rd Place Aly Webb 26 mo
4th Place Taylor Meyerink 29 mo
5th Place Harper Stednitz 30 mo
6th Place Evelyn Bendixen 25 mo
7th Place Colette Curico 25 mo

Racing 25 –30 months Boys
1st Place Trent Ekbery 29 mo
2nd Place Ian Gomez 26 mo
3rd Place Jack Dobson-Heath 27 mo

Racing 31 –36 months Girls
1st Place Brooklyn Kraft 31 mo
2nd Place Grace Halsell 31 mo
3rd Place Pepper Ledgerwood 36 Mo
4th Place Eliana Navolt 34 mo

Racing 31 –36 months Boys
1st Place Logan Campbell 35 mo


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