2014 Contest Results


Ice Cream Maker's Delight
Connie Mooney: Chocolate Creme with Raspberry Truffle
Ryan Foster: Dark Chocolate
Lily & Matthew Meek: Cherry Chocolate Chip

Country Canning Competition - Sweet (Jams & Jellies)
Joyce Thomas: Apricot/Pineapple Jam
Mandie Campbell: Peach Basil Jam
Kathy Terra-Oles: Apricot Pineapple

Country Canning Competition - Savory (Canned Veggies)
Hitoshi Yamada: Bread & Butter Pickles
Hitoshi Yamada: Dill Pickles
Melissa Meek: Sweet Relish

Autumn Pie Review
Nicole Raftery: Cran-Cherry Jubilee Pie
Nicole Raftery: Scrumptious Harvest Blackberry Pie

Apple Pie Exhibition
Nicole Raftery: Apple Orchard Cinnamon Roll Pie
Annette Fesler: Granny's Secret Ingredient Apple Pie
Ann Stamets: Apple Crumb Pie

Harvest Gone Wild
Hitoshi Yamada: Double Crust Eureka and Meyer Lemon Pie
Patty Popovich: Cinnapear Dreams
Peggy Heasley: Pumpkin Apple Coffee Cake

Pumpkin Bread
Peggy Heasley: Wonderful Pumpkin Bread
Pam Milligan: Pumpkin Gingerbread
Melissa Meek: Pumpkin Surprise Bread

Zucchini Bread
Diana Wilson: Zucchini Bread
Pam Milligan: Chocolate Zucchini Bread
Pam Milligan: Knock Your Socks Off! Zucchini Bread


Back Country Horseman won 'Working Western'
CCCDRAFT won 'Costume'
White Horse Carriage won 'Driven Vehicle'
Tiny Trotters won 'Jr. Equine'


Gabe 1st Place
Keith Runner Up


Heat #1

1st Place Emily Tyler
2nd Place Shelby Tyler
3rd Place Cian Paulsen

Heat #2

1st Place Robert Rea
2nd Place Shelby Holderman
3rd place Corey Templeton

Heat #3

1st Place Garrett Ferretti
2nd Place Maryanne Rybarczyh
3rd Place Morgan Lawrence

Heat #4

1st Place Scott
2nd Place Destiny
3rd Place Jace

Heat #5

1st Place Ethan Isaac
2nd Place Samuel Glich
3rd Place Zoe Shakland

Heat #6

1st Place Anthony Reed
2nd Place Justin Williams
3rd Place Jake Milbrandt


1st Place Robert Rea
2nd Place Anthony Reed
3rd Place Garrett Ferretti


Tim Carmel




Wiener Dog Division 7 and under:
1st place - Sophie a long haired doxy of Shell Beach
2nd place - Chase of Atascadero
3rd place - Obie of Cambria

Wiener Dog Division 7 and over:
1st place - Indy of Arroyo Grande
2nd place - Tiny Tim of Santa Maria at 15 years old he still has it!
3rd place – Cosmo of San Luis Obispo

Want to Be Division (the ladies took the race):
1st place - Sally Bell of Nipomo a spunky black Cockapoo
2nd place - Jaclyn of Arroyo Grande a Chihuahua/Beagle mix
3rd place – Jezebel of Arroyo Grande a Chiweenie


1st Place is Cody Hampel Sponsored by Crockett’s Auto Body and Fair Oaks Theater
2nd Place is Alynah Ausan Sponsored by Arroyo Grande Chevrolet And Harold /Denise Strahan
3RD Place is Danica Watanabe by Sponsored Sierra Body Shop


Crawling 6 – 12 months Girls
1st Place Caitlyn Johnson (11months)
2nd Place Avery English (9 months)
3rd Place Linnea Anguiano (10 months)
4th Place Aviana Couto (6 months)

Crawling 6 – 12 months Boys
1st Place Sawyer Harrison (11 months)
2nd Place Jack Koellish (12 months)
3rd Place Mikey Robinson (8 months)

Toddling 8 – 14 months Girls
1st Place Penny Gedraitis (13 months)
2nd Place Emma Merrick (12.5 months)

Toddling 8 – 14 months Boys
1st Place Flynn O’Hagan (13 months)
2nd Place Skylar Brown (14 months)
3rd Place Ethan Miller (13 months)

Toddling 15 – 19 months Girls
1st Place Olivia Hopkins (18months)
2nd Place Ava (no last name and age given)

Toddling 15 – 19 months Boys
1st Place Roman Burleson (19 months)
2nd Place Alexander DuBois (18 months)
3rd Place Carlos Castaneda (15 months)

Toddling 20 –24 months Girls
1st Place Samantha Kier (20 months)
2nd Place Abigail Flanagan (24 months)
3rd Place Briella Hall (21 months)

Toddling 20 –24 months Boys
1st Place Levi Lynch (21 months)
2nd Place Noah VanBogeler (22 months)
3rd Place Ian Johnson (23 months)

Racing 25 –30 months Girls
1st Place Brittan Cecchi (29 months)
2nd Place Lucia Lewis (25 months)
3rd Place Baylee Ahlgren (25 months)
4th Place Caity Just (25 months)

Racing 25 –30 months Boys
1st Place Ezra Velazquez (30 months)
2nd Place Owen Vaught (25 months)
3rd Place Joseph George (27 months)
4th Place Jude Conn (25 months)
5th Place Jason Duran (26 months)

Racing 31 –36 months Girls
1st Place Makena Vosburg (34 months)
2nd Place Isabella Dunham (36 months)
3rd Place Lucy James ( 32 months)
4th Place Cora Loomis (34 months)
5th Place Charlotte Slimack (36 months)

Racing 31 –36 months Boys
1st Place Jasper George (36 months)
2nd Place Declan Schmidt (31 months) tied with Shay Edwards (35 months)
3rd Place Elliott Hill (31 months)


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