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Harvest Festival Booster Button Winners

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Winning Button Numbers

9  -  13  -  15   -  44  -  79  -  170  -  194  -  297   -  371  -  390  -  400  -  472  -  484   -  516

595  -  609  -   614  -  662  -  671  -  761  -  775  -   798  -  851  -  870  -  898  -  928  -   938

1003  -  1107  -   1198  -  1217  -  1225


Costume Contest

Most Likely to be Seen in the Village in Any Era


Charles Silva
First Place - Charles Silva - Arroyo Grande

Gary Hoving
Second Place -  Gary and Crystal Hoving - Nipomo

Mike Drees
Third Place - Mike and Shadow Drees - Arroyo Grande



Most Authentic Western Costume Any Era

Vivian Krug
First Place - Vivian Krug - Arroyo Grande

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Second Place - Cactus Harris - Paso Robles

Edie Juck
Third Place - Edie Juck - Pismo Beach


Saloon~Dance Hall


Vivian Krug
First Place - Vivian Krug - Arroyo Grande



Most Creative


First Place - Kaylee and Alyssa Adams - Arroyo Grande

Second Place - The Turner Family - Arroyo Grande






First Place - Sherrin Copeland - Arroyo Grande


Second Place - Katherine Evans - Arroyo Grande


Third Place - Linda Tomlinson - Arroyo Grande



Most Outstanding Children's Costume

First Place - Sydney Sargent - Arroyo Grande


Stephanie Roberts
Second Place - Stephanie Roberts - Grover Beach


Foster Family
Third Place - Michael Foster - Arroyo Grande



Best Hat Vintage or Theme


Annie Silva
First Place - Ann Silva - Arroyo Grande


Ethel Gilliland
Second Place - Ethel Gilliland - Arroyo Grande



Giant Pumpkin Contest

Grand Daddy, Heaviest of them All

Brenda Cavanaugh
Brenda Cavanaugh,  1st, 319 lbs.,
Arroyo Grande Daddy


Largest Zucchini

Kim Vargo

Kim Vargo, 1st, 12½ lbs., Largest Zucchini

Eileen Costello, 2nd, 12lbs., Largest Zucchini

Zach Costello, 3rd10 lbs., Largest Zucchini

Most Beautiful Pumpkin
Hanna Brown, 1st, Most Beautiful Pumpkin

Closest Guess

Matt Travis, Closest Guess to the Big Green Squash
Weighing 417½ lbs.


Giant Pumpkin Contest Sponsor:
Dixson Ranch Agricultural Preserve

Grand Marshal's Tea
South County Historical Society

Paulding History House

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Among all the other festival activities a Grand Marshal Recognition was held at the South County Historical Society Paulding History House, along with a tea celebrating the Grand Marshals and past Harvest Festival Grand Marshals.  Several Grand Marshals from days past were present for the festivities and Supervisor Katcho Achadjian presented this year's Grand Marshals with a special Certificate of Recognition of being named Grand Marshals of the 68th annual Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival.  Tours of the Paulding House were also given throughout the Day.

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Group photo from L to R top row:  Dick Blankenburg, Edith Wood, Edith Runels, Maxine Blankenburg, Tom Runels, Gaby Levine, Jean Hubbard, Ken Levine, Ruth Brackett, Herman Olave

Seated:  Thelma Conrow, Novella Watson, Helen Olave



Baking Contest Winners

Pumpkin and Zucchini Bread Contest Winners
Pumpkin / Traditional - Terri Kelley of San Luis Obispo
Zucchini / Traditional - Pam Milligan of Arroyo Grande
Pumpkin / Specialty - Lorna Erickson of Arroyo Grande
Zucchini / Traditional - Pam Milligan of Arroyo Grande
Best of Show - Pam Milligan


Spelling Bee


3rd - 4th Grade

Kelly Barrett  4th at Ocean View
Sebastian Nelson  4th at North Oceano
5th - 6th Grade

Madeline Lockhart  6th at Ocean View
Emily Kaar  5th at Shell Beach

7th - 8th Grade

Araya Jensen  7th at Paulding
Kaylah Clement   7th at Freedom Middle School


Sponsor:  South County Historical Society

Big Ditch Derby

1st Place

Tristin Allan
Age 8
Harloe School
Sponsors: Fair Oaks Theatre, Crocket's Auto Body

2nd Place

Ashley Tremper
Age 10
Oceanview School
Sponsors: JR's Custom Classics, Lateitia Winery, Judy Cecchetti, Barnwood Vineyard, Jacobson Construction, Avila Winery, Central Coast Trucking

3rd Place

Lindsey Johnson
Age 10
Shell Beach Elementary
Sponsor:  Willett Construction

Bib Ditch Derby Sponsor:
Optimists Club


Salsa Contest

Best Tasting
First – Maya’s Mexican Restaurant
Second – Elk Lodge Oceano
Most Original
First – Elks Lodge Oceano
Second – Alebrije’s
Salsa de Guacamole
First: La Tapatia Grover Beach
Second: Tapatia Oceano
Best Overall
La Tapatia Grover Beach



Diaper Derby

Crawling 4 – 12 months Girls

1st Place       Reagan Damien ( 9 months)
2nd Place      Nadia Kronemann ( 11 months)
3rd Place       Jade Ruiz (10 months)
4th Place       Alexis Acosta ( 9 months)
5th Place    Bella Chacon (6 months)
                      Hailey Banks (7 months)
                      Maykayla Foster (10 months)       

Crawling 4 – 12 months Boys

1st Place       Cahill Tucker ( 10 months)
2nd Place      Thomas Barcellona ( 10 months)
3rd Place       Bryan Camacho (9 months)
4th Place       Lucas Cortez ( 10 months)

Toddling 8 – 14 months Girls

1st Place       Anna Martin-Scardino (14 months)
 No other toddlers entered this category. She raced with the boys 8 – 14 months so she did not have to race alone.

Toddling 8 – 14 months Boys

1st Place       Joshua Tynon
2nd Place      Cameron Raines (13 months)
3rd Place       Nicholas Allen (14 months)

Toddling 15 – 19 months Girls

1st Place       Aliya Bailey ( 19 months)
2nd Place      Annabella Cuccia ( 19 months)
3rd Place       Grace Dempsey (16 months)
4th Place       Brooke Scotti ( 17 months)
5th Place    Sage Lattue (17 months)
6th Place       Amelia Marshall (17 months)

Toddling 15 – 19 months Boys

1st Place       Joseph Massey ( 18 months)
2nd Place      Grayson Duyst ( 17 months)
3rd Place       Robby Hull (17 months)
4th Place       Cristian Camacho ( 18 months)
5th Place    Hayden Bye (19 months)

Toddling 20 –24 months Girls

1st Place       Haylee Beaudet (23 months)
2nd Place      Jenna Wirz (21 months)
3rd Place       Taylie Whitlock (23 months)

Toddling 20 –24 months Boys

1st Place       Adyn Case (23 months)
2nd Place      Andrew Cecchi (24 months)
3rd Place       Owen Slater (20 months)


Cow Milking Contest

Back after 20 years - the Mayor's Goat Milking Contest
Unfortunately we couldn't find any milking goats so we improvised and used cows!

In this year's competition:

Katcho Achadjian, SLO Supervisor 4th District
Mayor John Shoals, Grover Beach
Mayor Tony Ferrara, Arroyo Grande
Mayor Mary Ann Reiss, Pismo Beach

milkingsm.jpg (376168 bytes)

Grand Marshal's Tom and Edith Runels
precided over the contest and after careful measuring:

tomedithmilkjudge2.jpg (234738 bytes)       tomedithmilkjudge.jpg (262439 bytes)

announce the winner:

Katcho Achadjian

Steve Adams presents Katcho
with the Perpetual "Mayor's Goat Milking" Trophy

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Chili Contest Winners

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Cooker’s Name (Chili’s Name)


1st -  John Oberg (SLO Fire Chili)
2nd -  April Burgess (FANTABIDOSIE)
 3rd -  Mary Jane Van Bevern ( Cin Cin Chili)
4th -  Doug Perrin (Perrins 3 Bean Chili)
5th  -   Jyll Lysobey (Cowless Chili)

Best Tasting

1st  -  April Burgess (FANTABIDOSIE)
2nd  -  John Oberg (SLO Fire Chili)
3rd  -   Doug Perrin (Perrins 3 Bean Chili)
4th  -  Jyll Lysobey (Cowless Chili)
5th  -  Mary Jane Van Bevern ( Cin Cin Chili)

Most Original

1st -  Mary Jane Van Bevern ( Cin Cin Chili)
2nd  -  April Burgess (FANTABIDOSIE)
 3rd -  Jyll Lysobey (Cowless Chili)
4th  -  Doug Perrin (Perrins 3 Bean Chili)
5th  -   John Oberg (SLO Fire Chili)


April Burgess (FANTABIDOSIE)

Chili Cook Off Sponsor:
Arroyo Grande Parks and Recreation Department



Vegetable Decorating


Ages 5 and under

1st prize - Ashley

2nd prize - Drew

3rd prize –Drake

Ages 6 - 8 years

1st - KeAura

2nd - Allison

3rd - Kamryn S.


Ages 9 -12 years

1st - Kate

2nd - Markelle

3rd - Clare


Coloring Contest Winners

Kindergarten - Molly Scudder / Grover Heights Elementary

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1st & 2nd Grade - Alex Zsiga / Oceano Elementary / 1st Grade

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3rd & 4th Grade - Kimberly Carlisle / Ocean View Elementary / 4th Grade

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5th & 6th Grade - Kailan Neff / Branch Elementary / 6th Grade

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Images from Around the Festival
and the Parade
More photos coming soon!


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Background photograph
Festival goers dressed in period clothing for the 1936 Harvest Festival
Photo courtesy South County Historical Society