Grand Marshals


And the 2017 Grand Marshals are
Past AG Chamber of Commerce
Citizens of the Year!

The Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival Association is pleased to announce the 2017 Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival Grand Marshals; all past Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce Citizens of the Year! This year marks the Harvest Festival’s 80th year and who better to recognize than this group of individuals who currently and for many years have been giving their time for numerous causes and organizations in the Arroyo Grande Valley. These individuals were chosen for their dedication to the community, years of support and volunteering at and for our local hospitals, day care, scouts, historical society, city improvement, cleanup and beautification, community events, law enforcement, public safety, youth programs, animal welfare, farming and ag preservation, seniors, church, youth sports, graffiti removal, counseling, animal and wildlife rescue, veteran programs, education, crisis support, hunger and homelessness, human rights, emergency, health and welfare and more, logging countless hours and making our community the wonderful place it is. The contributions made and impact to our area by our Grand Marshals, the past Citizens of the Year, many times is unknown and unrecognized, so this year we honor and thank them for their ongoing dedication, support and work in our community.

They will be officially recognized on Friday evening at the KickOff of the Harvest Festival and in the parade on Saturday.


John and Melinda Hansen

Sean Schuur

Bob Lund

Vivian Krug (Cotton)

Linda Osty

Eddie El Helou

Sandy Nichols

Randy Ouimette

Dan Cashier

Nan Fowler

Sandy Lubin

Carol Roberts

Jack Smith

Roy Burke

Cliff Clark

Steve Cool

Gabrielle Levine

Mike Lady

Dick Blankenburg

Carrol Pruett

Jeri Pence

Katcho Achadjian

Bill Gerrish

Bill Tappan

The Harvest Festival also would like to remember
the Citizens of the Year who are no longer with us:

Bernie Kautz

Howard Mankins

Jean Hubbard

Ruben Kvidt

Doug Hitchen

Hank Wachtmann

Bill O’Connor

Glady Loomis

Kay Silva

Mary Lee Clark

Jack Pence

Tom Bonds

Marvin Hartwig

Jim Scrivani

Kaz Ikeda

Gabe DeLeon

Jane Thompson

Col. Ben Jacobs

Judy Tappan

The committee was unable to locate:

Rosey Woodards

Past Grand Marshals

2016 Elsie Cecchetti

2015 Pete & Jeanne Dougall

2014 Heather & Wayne Jensen
Chet & Judy Cash

2013 Our Local Veterans

2012 Woman's Club of Arroyo Grande

2011 Ella Honeycutt

2010 - Roy & Bonnie Burke

2009 - June Waller

2008 - P.O.V.E.

2007 - The Talley Family

2006 - The Mankins

2005 - The Runels

2004 - The Pruetts

1964 ~ 2003


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