70th Annual

Arroyo Grande Valley
Harvest Festival




Photo Album
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Photographs by:

Ross Kongable, Gus Berger, Randy Rust & Vivian Krug


Gus and Rossi Berger   Vivian Krug and Sam Cotton   John and Lauren Goodell   Doug Perrin    Talley Family   Ross Kongable and the Duke


!F2_SargentA.tif (4054486 bytes)   Barbara LeSage    Anne McCracken    !P3_Vidal.tif (2789878 bytes)   Cole Younger    Vivian Krug


!W4_MainB.tif (2311770 bytes)   ba.jpg (1829587 bytes)   Ross Kongable and Vivian Krug   BDD.jpg (396782 bytes)    Gus Berger    Rossi Berger


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Katcho Achadjian and Vivian Krug    P1013657.jpg (4745537 bytes)   P1013659.jpg (5969484 bytes)   P1013662.jpg (5526920 bytes)   P1013670.jpg (5089574 bytes)  P1013666.jpg (5742970 bytes)


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     More Photos Coming Soon!


2007 Harvest Festival Contest Winners

Sponsored by the South County Historical Society

Western Category

1st  Place - Sam Cotton of Arroyo Grande

2nd Place  - John & Lauren Goodell of Arroyo Grande

3rd Place - Vivian Krug of Arroyo Grande

4th Place - Barbara Main of Arroyo Grande

Frontier Category

1st Place  -  Gus & Rossi Berger of Arroyo Grande

2nd Place
- Alexis Sargent of Grover Beach

3rd Place - Talley Family of Arroyo Grande & San Luis Obispo


1st Place - Barbara LeSage of Arroyo Grande

2nd Place - Anne McCracken of Arroyo Grande

3rd Place - Lorraine Vidal of Arroyo Grande


Special Mentions

Nancy Whittle & Marie Sims of Clovis as Underground Railroad Historians

Katherine Evans of Arroyo Grande as Betsy Ross

Frontier Group

Rich & Barbara Harker
Gordon Bracey
Ken & Forest Fogelberg
Wyman Winn


Spelling Bee (Kids)
Sponsored by the South County Historical Society

3/4th grades:

1st Tanner Rice, 4th grade, Clovis, Ca
2nd Eddie Chagoya, 3rd grade, Ocean View Elementary
5/6th grades:

1st  Sophia Bylsma, 6th grade, Branch Elementary
2nd  Bailey Rodriguez, 5th grade, Ocean View Elementary
7/8th grades:

1st Michaela Holland, 8th grade, home schooled
2nd  Jevir Ibuna, 7th grade, Paulding Middle School


Bread, Pie and Canning


PUMPKIN SPECIALITY BREAD sponsored by Branch Street Deli

1st Place Hazel Kucera of Arroyo Grande

2nd Place Lorna Erickson of Arroyo Grande

PUMPKIN TRADITIONAL BREAD sponsored by Minor's Ace Hardware

1st Place Brittany Sullivan of Arroyo Grande

2nd Place Traci Clark of Arroyo Grande

3rd Place Hazel Kucera of Arroyo Grande


ZUCCHINI TRADITIONAL BREAD by Friends of the Harvest Festival Bake-Off

1st Place Gina Phillips of Arroyo Grande

2nd Place Bev Rhodes of Arroyo Grande

3rd Place Traci Clark of Arroyo Grande



1st place Sandy Ferrio of Arroyo Grande

2nd place Hazel Kucera of Arroyo Grande

3rd place Dian Robinson of San Luis Obispo



HARVEST GONE WILD sponsored by Verena's Go Gourmet

1st Place Doria Desiato of Arroyo Grande for her Apricot Bars

2nd Place Jessica Jennings of Grover Beach for her Apple Cake

3rd Place Erin Sommer of Arroyo Grande for her Cinnamon Oat Cookies


AUTUMN PIE REVIEW sponsored  by Lunds

1st Place Angela Oulmette and Mandy Floch of Arroyo Grande for their Arroyo

Grande Ollalleberry Harvest Pie

2nd Place Erin Sommer of Arroyo Grande for her Fall Berry Crisp


APPLE PIE EXHIBITION sponsored by Advantage Answering Plus

1st Place and winner of 100 dollars went to Gina Phillips

2nd Place and winner of 50 dollars went to Sandy Ferrio of Arroyo Grande

3rd Place winner Lorna Erickson of Arroyo Grande


1st Place – Frances Taillon of Arroyo Grande, Apricot Pineapple Jam

2nd Place -  Lorna Erickson of Arroyo Grande, Apricot Jam

3rd Place – Patty Ouinett of Arroyo Grande, Bread and Butter Pickles


Home Grown Fruits and Vegetable Competition

Largest Vegetable

1st Place Joey Massey of Arroyo Grande

2nd – contestant left with vegetable and name before logged!

3rd Place Teri Nixon Kelley of San Luis Obispo

Most Beautiful Vegetable

1st and 2nd Place – contestants left with vegetable and name before logged!

3rd Place Leona Wahl, Arroyo Grande

Grand Prize

Jay Mares of Arroyo Grande - Grand Prize Winning Pumpkin


Ma and Pa Skillet Toss


1st Place - Stella Rios

2nd Place - Manuela Lopez

3rd Place - Dunnie Lopez


1st Place - Tom Allen

2nd Place
- John Capute

3rd Place
- Alex Woolworth


Adult Spelling Bee
Sponsored by the South County Historical Society and the Harvest Festival Committee

1st Place

The Tribune
Sona Patel
Sarah Arnquist
Leah Etling

2nd Place

Nancy Motola, ERA Sea Wave
Gary Gracia, South County Realty
Lois Hughes, Keller Williams Realty

3rd Place

Boys and Girls Club
Traice Caretto
Cindie French-Perryman
Moyses Muguira

The 1st Annual Adult Spelling Bee sponsored by the Harvest Festival and the South County Historical Society successfully concluded the activities at the 70th Annual Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival.  Several courageous three person teams competed in this fun activity with the team from the Tribune coming out on top.  The Boys and Girls Club was also selected by the winning Tribune Team as the recipient of a donation from the event.  Colorful bandmaster Gary Thompson acted as the Pronouncer for the spelling bee.  Competition sponsors are already making plans for an expanded spelling bee in 2008!

Ice Cream Olympics
Sponsored by Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab

Waffle Discus Toss (ages 4-9)  

Gold    Nicholas Navarro (9)

Silver  Ocarina Talamantes (9)

Bronze  John Montecillo (9)


Waffle Discus Toss (ages 10-14)  

Gold    Rachel Lopez (12)

Silver  Lindsey Luiz (10)

Bronze  Amanda West (11)


Ice Cream Cone Jenga (all ages)

Gold (tie)  Olivia Talley (10) and Vidhi (10)

Silver  McKayla Horn (12)

Bronze  Nicholas Navarro (9)

Ice Cream Scoop Shot Put (ages 4-9) 

Gold    Ocarina Talamantes(9)

Silver  Zachary Breaver (5)

Bronze  Alyssa Norholm (8)


Ice Cream Scoop Shot Put (ages 10-14) 

Gold    Lindsey Luiz (10)

Silver  Valentina Felipe (12)

Bronze  Kaylee Adams (10)


Ice Cream Eating Contest (all ages)

Gold    Brittany Southerland (13)

Silver  Amanda West (11)

Bronze  Zach Holland (7)


Cow Chip Throwing

1st   Sage Lysobey

2nd  Zack Allen

3rd  David Avila




1st   Maya's
2nd  The Girls Restaurant


1st   Oceano Tapatia
2nd  Baja Fresh

Best Overall:

1st  The Girls Restaurant
2nd  Maya's


Sponsored by the Arroyo Grande Parks and Recreation Department


1st Rachel Lopez

2nd Bianca Andrea Mettler

3rd David Lopez

4th Dunnia Lopez

5th Gabrielle Mettler

6th MaryJane Van Beveren

Best Tasting

1st Lori Morse

2nd Bianca Andrea Mettler

3rd Rachel Lopez

4th David Lopez

5th Dunnia Lopez

6th Gabrielle Mettler

Most Original

1st Maryjane Van Beveren

2nd Lori Morse

3rd Rachel Lopez

4th Gabrielle Mettler

5th Bianca Andrea Mettler

6th was a tie between Dunnia Lopez and David Lopez

Best Overall

Lori Morse


Diaper Derby

Crawling   4 – 12 months Girls

1st Place        Alyssa Simentelis  (10 months)

2nd Place       Jayden Von Burg (10 months)

3rd Place       Zoe Smith  (9 months)

4th Place        Sofia Rubalcara (9 months)

5th Place        Kyra Otte (10 months)

6th Place        Abigale Zagala (6 months)

Crawling 4 – 12 months Boys

1st Place        Zachary Lopez (12 months)

2nd Place       Nikko Brown (9 months)

3rd Place       Stephen Banks (11 months)

4th Place        Ivan Mejia (9 months) and Kelan Mawhorter (8 months) tied

Toddling 8 – 14 months Girls

1st Place        Alana Risbrudt (12 months)

Toddling 8 – 14 months Boys

1st Place        Noah Schmidt  (11 months)

Toddling 15 – 19 months Girls

1st Place        Brenna Jones  (19 months)

2nd Place       Zoe Vickers (19 months)

3rd Place       Zoey Lakey  (15 months)

4th Place        Addison Kaiser (18 months)

Toddling 15 – 19 months Boys

1st Place        Nathan Morgret  (15 months)

2nd Place       Zander Wood (16 months)

3rd Place       Noah Kovach (15 months)

4th Place        Presley Schillero (17 months)

Toddling 20 –24 months Girls

No participants in this race

Toddling 20 –24 months Boys

1st Place        Sidney  Ewart (24 months)

2nd Place       Drake Missamore (23 months) and Caleb Hanson (23 months) tied


Sponsored by the Coast News

Kindergarten – Nestor Perez, Harloe Elementary School

1st Grade – Manuel Salais, Grover Beach Elementary School

2nd Grade – Arlya Labre, Grover Beach Elementary School

3rd Grade – Michael Holzer, Ocean View Elementary School


Whiskerino  -  unfortunately results were not kept but it was a great event!


Big Ditch Derby
Sponsored by the Optimists Club of Arroyo Grande and Christianson Chevrolet

1st  Place

 #00 Cameron Johnston (sponsored by Sierra Body Shop)

2nd  Place

 #85 Alyson Sims (sponsored by Santa Luicia Bank)

3rd  Place

 # 22 Cody Anderson (sponsored by Ron Arnoldsen)

Best overall Preparation
#10 Michael Sheehan (sponsored by Certified Freight Lines)

Best Use Of Graphics
#6 Kristen Lopez  (sponsored by Mullahey Ford)

Best Paint Job
 #44 Michael Holzer  (sponsored by Sac Down Ride Syndicate)


Sponsored by the Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce

Ambassador’s Choice:

1st place: Rabobank, Oak Park branch

2nd place: (tie) Arroyo Grande Flower Shop, The Girl’s Restaurant, Mullahey Ford

3rd place: (tie) Coast Hills Federal Credit Union, Salon 132


1st place: Dave Fletcher Financial Services

2nd place: American Temps

3rd place: Act II Boutique

Director’s Choice:

1st place: Heritage Oaks Bank

2nd place: (tie) Five Cities Swim Club, Credit Bureau of SLO/SB Co.

3rd place: (tie) E.C. Loomis & Co., San Luis Sports Therapy

Community oriented:

1st place: Coast Medical

2nd place: Mission Inn of Pismo Beach

3rd place: Rabobank, Grand Avenue branch


1st place: Arroyo Grande Fire Department employee

2nd place: Virginia Yracheta


1st place: (tie) Coast National Bank, Grande Food Market

2nd place: (tie) Mission Community Bank, Arroyo Grande Fire Dept.

3rd place: (tie) City of Arroyo Grande, Tanner Jacks

Kid’s award:

1st place: Curran Family









AGES 9 - 12




AGES 13 - 18




Business Decorating

Large Business

1st     Santa Lucia Bank

2nd     Coast National Bank

3rd      Mid-State Bank (Rabobank) Oak Park Rd

Small Business Winners

1st     AG Building Department

2nd    AG Credit Bureau

3rd    The Green Door


Button Numbers and Prize
New Button #'s posted on October 4th.  More winning buttons #'s will be posted in coming weeks if prizes are unclaimed.

Button #           Prize


70                     $25.00 Gift Certificate Burdine Printing

71                     $10.00 Starbucks Certificate Downey Savings

84                     $10.00 Gas Certificate Conoco Phillips

103                  $10.00 Gift Certificate Eileen's Treasures

122                  $10.00 Gas Certificate Conoco Phillips

133                     $65.00 Gift Certificate Coast News

138                  $10.00 Gift Certificate Village Papery

153             Travel Game Set SESLOC Federal Credit Union

156                  $10.00 Gift Certificate F. McLintocks

157                  $15.00 Gift Certificate Madelyn's Apparel

199                1 Month Membership Kennedy Club Fitness

285               Roadside Assistance Kit - Mid State Bank & Trust

351                  $50.00 Savings Bond Mid-State Bank & Trust

412                  Travel Game Set SESLOC Federal Credit Union

540                  2 Drink Tokens Bills' Place

549                 $25.00 Gift Certificate Lunds

573                  $30.00 Gift Basket Act II Boutique

607                  $10.00 Gift Certificate Quarterdeck

613                  Gift Certificate 2 Meals Home Town Buffet

742                $10.00 Gift Certificate Quarterdeck

757                  Bottle of Leticia Pinot Heritage Oaks Bank

805                  $15.00 Gift Certificate Rock N Dog

816                  $10.00 Gift Certificate F. McLintocks

831                $10.00 Gift Certificate Quarterdeck

841                  Box of Chocolates Superior Marketing Consultants

1006                Cooler on Wheels - Mid State Bank & Trust

1030                $10.00 Gift Certificate Quarterdeck

1252               $45.00 Gift Basket Madelyn's Apparel

1254                $15.00 Gift Certificate Credit Bureau

1274                1 Month Membership Kennedy Club Fitness

1343                $25.00 Gift Certificate Nan's Pre-Owned Books

1345               $10.00 Gas Certificate Conoco Phillips

1422                Gift Basket Arroyo Grande Gift Baskets

1540                $15.00 Gift Certificate Madelyn's Apparel

1546                Bag of Products Village Salon

1570                $25.00 Gift Certificate Amy Siroky

1571                $10.00 Gift Certificate Quarterdeck

1669                $10.00 Gas Certificate Conoco Phillips

1690                $10.00 Gift Certificate F. McLintocks

1707                1 Month Membership Kennedy Club Fitness

1738                Gift Certificate 8" Case Éclair Bakery

1768                $25.00 Gift Certificate Rouge Couture

1773                $10.00 Gas Certificate Conoco Phillips

1789                2 Drink Tokens Bills' Place

1809                $25.00 Gift Certificate Lunds

1845                Bottle of Leticia Pinot Heritage Oaks Bank



If you did not pick up your prize during the Festival - You can pick your prize up at the Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce Office at 800 Branch St., Arroyo Grande  (805)489-1488